Collection for Texas

– Our thoughts and prayers are with Texas. The devastation is beyond words and help is needed. It’s time for Americans to put differences aside and help our fellow man.  We are coordinating a drop off center at our office for anyone who would like to help and isn’t sure how.  It is my understanding that items like blankets, towels, clothing, hand sanitizer, body wipes, bathroom and grooming supplies, etc, are needed.  I will take personal responsibility to make sure it gets where it needs to go and that it makes it to Texas.  

Next week from Tuesday, September 5th through Friday, September 8th, you can drop off any items you wish to donate and I will take the collection to a drop off location to have shipped.  Our office is located at 20 Bloomfield Ave in Flemington, NJ.  

Please share this post with your friends and hopefully we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Bob Newland

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